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At ICBDA #43 in Orlando, FL on Saturday, 13 Jul 2019, we were the honored recipients of the organization's Golden Torch Award.

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Cue Sheets

Everytime we teach a dance, the cuesheet will be posted here.  

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 A Continental Goodnight                                Bookmark List
 A Cup of Your Sugar                                             ABC      
 A Daisy in December                                           DEF
 A La Playa                                                              GHI
 A Lady in Red                                                       
 A Letter to You                                                       JKL
 A Lovely Evening                                                   MNO                                                
 A Man This Lonely                                                PQR
 A Moment Lost    
 A Quiet Night In   
 A Spoonful of West Coast                                    STU
 A Summer Place                                                    VW
 A Thousand Years                                                 XYZ
 A Time for Love III
 A Waltz in Heaven
 A Wink and a Smile
 Addicted to You
 Adios Amor
 Adios Muchachos
 After Midnight Tango
 Agua de Mar
 Ain't Misbehavin'
 Ain’t That A Kick
 Ain't We Got Fun
 Alhambra (Shibata)
 Alice Blue Gown
 All About that Bass (Davenport)
 All About that Bass Foxtrot
 All Around the World
 All I Ask of You
 All I Do is Jive
 All Kinds of Everything
 All of Me
 All That Jazz
 All the Stars in the Sky
 All the Ways
 Almost Like Being In Love
 Almost There
 Am I Blue
 Am I Blue IV (Slater)
 Amor Cha

 Amore Secondo
 Amparita Roca
 And I Love You So
 And That Reminds Me
 And the Difference is You
 Andante Cantabile
 Another Blue Monday
 Another Letter to You
 Another Love Like Mine
 Answer Me
 Anything Can Happen
 Appalachian Lullabye
 Are You Still Mine
 Ascot’s Rumba
 At Last Hesitation Canter
 At the Hop
 At Your Service
 Au Revoir Paris
 Autumn Nocturne
 Axel F
 Baby It's Cold Outside
 Baby, Please Come Home
 Baby (You Got What it Takes)
 Babysitter Boogie
 Back Where I Belong
 Bahama Mama
 Bahia Blanca
 Bamboozled by You
 Basie Mood
 Beach Party Cha
 Beale Street Blues
 Beat of Your Heart
 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
 Because I'm Accustomed to You
 Begin to Color Me
 Berkley Square III
 Besame Mucho
 Besame Mucho (Ito Tango)
 Better Place
 Better When I'm Dancin' Merengue
 Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo
 Big, Blonde, & Beautiful
 Big Spender 
 Bittersweet Faith
 Bla Bla Cha Cha
 Black Tie Tango
 Black Velvet West
 Black Horse
 Black Satin
 Blown Away
 Blueberry Hill
 Bluer Skies
 Blue Dance
 Blue Moon '23
 Blue Roses
 Blue Shore Rumba
 Blue Skies Foxtrot
 Blues in '42
 Bob Roberts Society Band
 Bogged Down in Love
 Bonnie Portmore
 Boogie Bumper
 Boogie Time
 Boogie Blues
 Boom Boom
 Bounce Me Brother
 Brilliant Conversationalist
 Bring it on Home to Me
 Bus Stop
 Butterfly Waltz
 Bye Bye Blues
 Bye Bye Mambo
 Cake by the Ocean
 California Dreamin'
 Call Me
 Call Me Irresponsible
 Candle on the Water
 Can You Read My Mind
 Can’t Help Falling
 Can't Stop the Feeling
 Car Wash Blues
 Caribbean Sunset

 Castles and Kings
 Cell Block Tango
 Change Everything
 Change Partners
 Chasing Cars
 Cherry Heart
 Chewin' Gum
 Children Children
 Chilly Chilly Cha
 Chim Chiminey
 Cider House Rules
 Close Every Door
 Close to You
 Cocktail Time
 Come Closer to Me
 Come Dance with Me
 Come Dancing
 Come Fly with Me
 Company Store
 Coney Island IV
 Conquest of Heaven
 Cool Yule
 Cow Cow Boogie
 Crying in the Rain
 Cuando Me Cha
 Cuban Pete Samba
 Cumparsita Argentina
 Cuppa Joe  
 Curame                                                          ABC
 Daddy Foxtrot                                                DEF
 Dance in Portugal                                         GHI
 Dance the Night Away                                  JKL
 Dance to the Heartbeat                                MNO
 Dance With Me                                              PQR
 Dance With Me, Darling                               STU
 Dance with the Devil                                     VW
 Dance with the Enemy                                 XYZ
 Dancing in September                                
 Danke Schoen
 Desert Breeze
 Did You Ever
 Diosa Marina
 Do You Know What...
 Doin' the West Coast Swing
 Don Diego
 Donde Estas Yolanda
 Don’t Ask Me Why
 Don't Be that Way Foxtrot
 Don't Bother Me Mosquito
 Don't Cry
 Don't Close Your Eyes
 Don't Ever
 Don't Let the Old Man In
 Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
 Draggin’ the Line
 Dream a Little Dream of Me
 Dream a Little Dream of Me (Preskitt STS)
 Dream Lover
 Drowning in Your Eyes
 Easy Money
 Ebb Tide IV
 El Domingo Pasado
 El Gringo
 El Mismo Sol V
 El Mosquito
 El Reloj
 El Reloj Rumba
 Enchanted Rumba
 Endless Love
 Entre Mis Recuerdos
 Eso Beso
 Eso Es
 Eso Es El Amor
 Evening Star
 Evergreen Rumba
 Every Day Bolero
 Every Day I Love You
 Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha
 Everything Blue
 Everything’s Coming Up
 Exactly Like You
 Exactly Like You Foxtrot
 Eyes 4 You
 Falling IntoYou
 Fascinating Rhythm
 Fat Sam's Grand Slam
 Feel My Love
 Felicia Tango

 Fiesta Madrilena
 Fiesta Tango
 Fine Brown Frame
 Fine by Me
 Fire Tango
 Five Guys Named Moe
 Fly Me to the Moon
 Fly Right
 Fools Fall in Love
 Footprints in the Sand
 For A Moment
 For Once In My Life
 Forget Me Not
 Forrest Gump
 Foxy Jones
 From My Guy
 French Poodle
 From Sarah with Love
 From the Soul
 Funny Face                                                    
 Fur Elise                                                          ABC
 Gardenia Tango                                             DEF
 Gateway Foxtrot                                             GHI
 Get Down Tonight                                          JKL
 Get It On                                                          MNO
 Get My Name                                                 PQR

 Gina                                                                STU
 Glory of Love                                                  VW
 Go On By Quickstep                                     XYZ
 Gold Tango IV                                                
 Golden Dawn                                                
 Going Back to Louisiana
 Gotta Get on This Train
 Grace Kelly Redux
 Half A Moment
 Hallelujah! (Shibata)
 Hallelujah Waltz
 Hardly Quickstep
 Harlem Nocturne
 Haunted Guitar
 Haunted Guitar 5
 Havana IV
 Have Feet, Will Dance
 Have You Ever
 He's a Pirate
 He's a Tramp
 Heart & Soul
 Hello Memory
 Here, There, Everywhere
 Hey Mambo
 Hide Nor Hair
 Hide Nor Hair III
 Hideaway Tango
 Hit Me With A Hot Note
 Hit That Jive Jack
 Hit the Road Jive
 Hola Amor
 Hola Chica
 Honey on the Vine
 Honor and Respect
 Hooray for Cha
 Hopelessly Devoted
 How Deep is Your Love
 How Do You Like Me Now
 How Long Will I Love You
 How Lucky Can One Guy Be
 Hushabye Mountain 5
 I Am Just A Girl
 I Believe in Love
 I Can Love You Like That
 I Can't Believe
 I Can't Dance
 I Could Write a Book
 I Do I Do I Do
 I Dreamt I Dwelt VI
 I Dream of You
 I Feel Lucky
 I Got a Girl
 I Got Rhythm
 I Hear You Knocking
 I Like to Lead
 I Like to Lead When I Dance (Vogt)
 I Love Beach Music
 I Love Being Here With You
 I Love You
 I Love You Always Forever
 I Never
 I See the Light
 I Talk to the Trees
 I Wanna Talk about Me
 I Wanna Touch You
 I Wanta Quickstep
 I Want You Back
 I Wish You Love Rumba
 I Will Wait for You (Preskitt)
 I Won't Dance
 If I Ain't Got You
 If I Didn't Have You VI
 If I Don't Dance
 If I Were A Painting
 If One Day
 If Tomorrow Never Comes
 Il Tangaccio
 Illusion of My Life
 I'll Be Faithful to You
 I'll Be Uptown
 I'll Never Love Again
 I'll Take Manhattan
 I'm Accustomed to You
 I'm Beginning to See the Light
 I'm Beginning to See the Light (Preskitt)
 I'm Falling
 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down
 I'm In Chains
 I’m Not Giving You Up
 I'm Singing
 I’m Still Me
 In a Little Spanish Town
 In A Mellow Tone
 In Love With You
 In Love With You Rumba
 In the Arms of an Angel
 In The Navy
 In These Shoes?
 In This Life
 It Don't Mean A Thing
 It Is You (Moore)
 It Takes Two
 It's 4 Cha Cha
 It's About Time
 It's All Right
 It's Always New to Me   
 It's Over                                                                          ABC
 I've Got the World on a String                                      DEF
 I’ve Got You Under My Skin                                            GHI
 J&J Fantasy Tango                                                      JKL
 J'Attendrai                                                                    MNO
 Java Jive                                                                      PQR
 Jean 5                                                                           STU
 Jelly Roll                                                                         VW
 Jesse (Shibata)                                                            XYZ
 Juke-box Foxtrot 
 Jumpin' the Jetty                                                       
 Jungle Book Quickstep                                             
 Just A Fool
 Just A Tango
 Just In Time
 Just Remember the Sunshine
 Just Smile
 Kansas City
 Kansas City Baby
 Kicking Off Your Shoes
 Kiss Me Goodbye Rumba
 Knock On Wood
 La Barca
 La Belleza
 La Carmencita
 La Cuca Cha Cha Mixer
 La Distancia
 La Gloria
 La Mentira
 La Mer
 La Plaza
 La Puerta
 Lady Marmalade
 Las Clases Cha Cha Cha
 Last Date
 Last Night Cha
 Last Tango in Paris
 Latin Love Story
 Lay Down Beside Me
 Lazy Crazy Days
 Le Cygne
 Learnin' The Blues
 Legends of the Fall
 Lejos de Ti
 Leroy Swing
 Let Her Dance
 Let There Be
 Let's Fall in Love
 Let's Get Away from it All
 Lido Shuffle
 Liebestraum #3
 Life is a Slow Dance
 Little Girl
 Little Shop of Horrors
 London is London
 Long As I Live
 Long Before Your Time
 Longing to Kiss You
 Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee
 Look of Love
 Looking Thru Your Eyes
 Los Rayos del Sol
 Lost to Me
 Love Changes Everything
 Love Grows
 Love Has No Pride
 Love in Portofino
 Love Story Bolero

 Love's Gone
 Love the Tango
 Love to Rumba
 Love to You                                                                
 Lovey Dovey                                                               ABC
 Loving You  
 Loving You Rumba                                                     DEF
 Loving You Tonight                                                    GHI
 Make Love to Me Again                                            JKL
 Man, I Feel like a Woman                                         MNO
 Man Wanted                                                               PQR
 Maps                                                                           STU
 Maria Elena Foxtrot                                                    VW
 Marilyn, Marilyn                                                          XYZ
 Marshmallow World
 Mas Alla
 May Each Day
 Me and Millie
 Me and Mrs. You
 Me & My Sister
 Memory Rumba
 Memory Rumba (Rumble)
 Merengue Si
 Mermaid in the Night
 Mi Vida
 Mia Bolero
 Midnight Sun
 Midnight Tango VI
 Mint Julep
 Misty Morning
 Money Foxtrot
 Monkey Around
 Moola Lah
 Moon Dance With You
 Moon River
 Moonlight Memories
 Moonlight on the Colorado
 Molly Maguire’s Waltz
 Monsters, Inc
 Moonlight Romance
 More Than A Woman
 More Than Words
 Morning on the Meadow
 Movin' On Up
 Mr. Aladdin, Sir
 Mr. Trumpet Man
 Muchas Gracias
 Mucho Mambo
 Music Cubed
 Muy Amigos
 My Baby Just Cares for Me
 My Confession
 My First, My Last, My Everything
 My Foolish Heart
 My Guy
 My Heart Belongs to Daddy
 My Heart Will Go On
 My Love and I
 My Name is Bond
 My Sweet Catherine
 My Way
 My Way (waltz)
 Nadia’s Theme
 Never Let Me Go
 New Fever Waltz
 New York, NY
 Nice and Easy
 Night Lights
 Night Train
 Nobody But Me!
 No Matter What III
 No One Knows
 No Valio La Pena
 No Walls
 No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors
 Nocturne III
 Non Dimenticar
 Norma la de Guadalajara
 Norwegian Wood
 Nostalgia (Rumba)
 Nothing At All
 Now When the Rain Falls
 Nur die Musik
 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da   
 Old Man Time                                                       
 Old Time Rock & Roll                                           ABC
 Ole Guapa Argentine                                            DEF
 Ole Guapa VI                                                          GHI
 On Days Like These                                             JKL
 On My Journey                                                       MNO
 On the Street Where You Live                              PQR
 Once in a While                                                     STU
 One Hand, One Heart                                             VW
 One Call Away                                                        XYZ
 Only Love Bolero   
 Only One Time                                               
 Only Time
 Open Arms
 Orange Colored Sky
 Orange Colored Sky 5
 Orchids in the Moonlight
 Orient Express Foxtrot
 Otra Noche
 Our Love Affair (Sheridan)                                 ABC
 Our Love is Here to Stay                                    DEF
 Out of Africa                                                        GHI
 Over & Over                                                        JKL

 Over the Rainbow   
 PA 6-5000
 Paint Me a Birmingham
 Para Toda la Vida                                             MNO
 Paso Cadiz                                                         PQR
 Paso Corredo                                                     STU
 Pastorale (Goss)  
 Pastorale (Ito)                                                      VW
 Pata Pata                                                             XYZ
 Patricia Cha
 Pennsylvania 6-5000
 People Will Say We're in Love
 Perfidia in Brazil
 Peyton Place
 Pink Panther
 Please Mr Brown
 Precious Dreams V
 Puro Dolor
 Puttin' On the Ritz
 Quickstep Ain’t Enough
 Quickstep in the Cantina
 Quietly Foxtrot
 Quizas Cha
 Rabbit Tango
 Rachel’s Song
 Rainbows are Back in Style
 Rama Lama Ding Dong
 Razzle Dazzle
 Red Petticoats
 Red Roses for a Blue Lady
 Regresa A Mi
 Remember When
 Return My Love
 Return to My Hawaii
 Return to the Heart
 Rhythm of Love
 Rhythm of the Rain
 Right Here Waiting for You
 Ritzy Quickstep
 River Lullaby VI
 River Waltz
 Roadhouse Blues
 Rock Boppin' Baby
 Room Without Windows
 Rotkappchen’s Traum                                             ABC
 Rudy                                                                          DEF  
 Rumba Calienta                                                       GHI
 Rumba Concerto                                                     JKL
 Rumba del Corazon                                                MNO
 Rumba Erotica 3 
 Rumba in Africa                                                      PQR
 Saboteur WCS                                                        STU
 Saddle the Wind                                                       VW
 Safronia B.                                                               XYZ
 Salsa Cachete
 Samba De Ooh La La (Shibata)
 Sam's New Pants
 Sam’s Song
 Santa Maria
 Satin Doll
 Save Room
 Say No More
 Say You'll Love Me
 Saying Goodbye
 Scheherazade IV
 Sea in Autumn
 Sea Wind
 Secret Garden Rumba
 Secreto Amor
 Sella Il Vento
 Sensation (Bradt)
 Senorita Tango
 Senza Fine
 Senza Fine VI
 Seven Lonely Days IV
 Shall We Quickstep IV
 She Bangs
 She Can’t Fix Grits
 She's Got You
 She's Looking Good
 She’s No Lady
 She's the One
 Shot in the Dark
 Should I Do It
 Shout Cha Cha Cha
 Show Me Heaven
 Show Me Heaven 5
 Si Senor
 Silence of the World
 Sing A Long Mambo
 Sing it Back
 Six Blue Roses
 Sixteen Tons West Coast
 Sleeping Beauty
 Slow Boat to Jive
 Slow Walk
 Snap Your Fingers
 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
 So What’s New
 Solitude City
 Solo Bolero
 Someone Like You (Rumba)
 Something Better to Do
 Something Good
 Something Stupid
 Song for a New Beginning
 Song from a Secret Garden
 Sorrento IV
 Soul Sister Merengue
 Sound of Silence
 Spanish Banderillero
 Speak Softly Love
 Speaking of Happiness
 St Elmo's Fire
 St Michael’s Quickstep
 Stairway to Paradise
 Starlight Express
 Starlight Waltz
 Steppin’ Out Quickstep
 Stier Tango
 Story of Love
 Sugar Sugar
 Summer of Our Love (Nelson)
 Sunny Side of the Street
 Sunrise Sunset 02
 Sunset Bolero
 Supermarket Flowers Rumba
 Sweet Home Chicago
 Sweet Thing
 Swing Lover
 Switchin’ in the Kitchen
 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
 Take My Breath Away
 Taking a Chance on Love
 Tampa Jive
 Tango Capricioso
 Tango Clarice
 Tango d' Amore
 Tango for Maria
 Tango Jack
 Tango Ideas
 Tango Parisienne
 Tango in Portugal
 Tango Mannita
 Tango Reverie
 Tango Roma
 Tango Teneriffa
 Tango the Night Away
 Teacher's Pet
 Tears in Heaven
 Telling Everybody
 Te Quiero
 That Man
 That's What You Are
 That’s You (Rumble)
 That's You VI (Rumble)
 The Alligator Stroll
 The Aussie Knock
 The Best is Yet to Come (Finch)
 The Best is Yet to Come VI
 The Best of Me
 The Best You Can
 The Carousel Waltz
 The Chairman's Waltz
 The Children
 The Colors of Autumn
 The Finger Points to You
 The Girl from Ipanema
 The Green Leaves of Summer
 The Human Thing to Do
 The Impossible Dream
 The Inner Light
 The Last Blues Song
 The Look
 The Majestic
 The Masochism Tango
 The More I See You Foxtrot
 The Older I Get
 The Outcasts
 The Party's Over
 The Phantom
 The Prayer
 The Promise
 The Spinning Wheel (Smith)
 The Summer Knows
 The Sun The Sea & The Sky
 The Teddy Bear Tango
 The Things We Do For Love
 The Thornbirds
 The Tide is High
 The Twist
 The Waltz of the Night
 The Water is Wide V
 The Way We Ought to Be
 The Way You Look Tonight
 Theme from Black Orpheus
 Theme from Frozen
 Theme from Inuyasha
 Theme from Shrek
 Theme from Sunshine
 There Will Never Be Another You
 These Foolish Things
 These Foolish Things (Preskitt, WCS)
 They Can’t Take ...Me
 They Can't Take that Away from Me (Goss/Figwer)
 This Can’t Be Love (Shibata)
 This is Our Dance
 This is the Life
 Thoroughly Modern Millie
 Through the Dark
 Through the Eyes of Love
 Through Your Eyes
 Tijuana Taxi
 Till Then
 Time to Say Goodbye
 To All the Girls
 To Be Loved
 To Go Beyond
 To Where You Are
 Todo Bolero
 Tonight We Waltz
 Too Early to Say Goodnight
 Too Early to Say Goodnight IV
 Too Many Rivers
 Top Hat, White Coat & Tails
 Torment of Love 

  Tormento Tango
 Train of Love
 Trickle Trickle
 True Love
 Trumpet Fiesta
 Try to Remember
 Un Tango del Cuore
 Una Carezza
 Una Notte A Napoli
 Un P’tit Foxtrot                                                         ABC
 Unchained                                                                DEF
 Under the Boardwalk                                               GHI                                    
 Until Now                                                                   JKL
 Until Now (Goss)                                                      MNO
 Up!                                                                            PQR
 Uptown Funk                                                            STU
 Valentine                                                                    VW
 Valentine Bolero                                                      XYZ
 Vamos Amigos
 Ven Conmigo
 Venetian Serenade
 Voulez Vous Cha Cha
 Wait for Me
 Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
 Wake Up Dancin'
 Walk Hand in Hand
 Walk With Me
 Waltz in A Flat
 Warm & Willing
 Way of Love
 Wedding Planner
 We'll Meet Again
 West Coast Memories
 West Coast Swingin'
 What a Difference (Slater)
 What a Difference a Day Makes (Shibata 2015)
 What Chu Got
 When a Child is Born
 When Can I Hold You Again
 When Forever Has Gone
 When I Dream VI
 When It Comes to Love
 When We're Dancing
 When Will I
 When You Smile VI
 When You’re Alone
 When You're in Love
 Where is Your Heart
 Where is Your Love
 Where or When
 Where You'll Find Me
 Whistle Stop
 Whistling Away the Dark
 Who I Am Inside
 Who Like You
 Who Wouldn't Love You
 Who’s Your Daddy?
 Why Did it have to be Me
 Why Doncha Do Right?
 Why Don't You Do Right? (Gibson)
 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
 Willie Can
 Witchcraft IV                                                              DEF
 With All My Heart                                                      GHI
 With One Look
 With You I’m Born Again  
 With You I'm Born Again (Ito)                                  JKL
 Women in Love                                                        MNO
 Wonder of You                                                         PQR
 Woodchoppers' Ball                                                STU
 Words Get in the Way Bolero                                 VW
 Wounded Heart  
 Wyoming Lullaby                                                      XYZ
 Yira! Yira!   
 You Always Hurt the One You Love                                                               
 You Brought a New Kind of Love
 You Butterfly
 You Decorated My Life
 You Drive Me Crazy
 You Forget
 You Haven't Seen the Last of Me
 You Left the Water Running
 You Make Me Feel Like West Coast
 You Make My Pants Want to Get Up & Dance
 You Needed Me
 You Never Can Tell
 You Owe Me One
 You Raise Me Up
 You Say You Will
 You Should Be Dancing
 You Took Advantage of Me
 You Were Right Girl
 Younger Than Springtime
 Your Touch
 You're 16 Jive
 You're My World
 You're the Top Cha Cha
 You've Got A Friend In Me
 Zat You 

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