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At ICBDA #43 in Orlando, FL on Saturday, 13 Jul 2019, we were the honored recipients of the organization's Golden Torch Award.

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!   Golden Torch

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Our Choreography


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A Daisy in December Waltz VI May 2008 Daisy McAuley & Winifred Horan-CD: Serenade, track #8 or Internet download

ROQ, 2nd runner up, 4th Qtr 2008

Demo of Dance
All About that Bass Foxtrot Foxtrot VI July 2018 Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox ICBDA, Tulsa 2018 Demo of Dance
All I Do Is Jive Jive IV+2+2 June 2014 Michael Buble ROQ, 3rd Qtr 2015

#11 on ICBDA Top 15 in 3/4 Hall, 2017

Demo of Dance
Bamboozled by You Viennese Waltz IV+1 August 2013 Dean Martin - Casa Musica RAR, Aug 2013 Demo of Dance
Bob Roberts Society Band West Coast Swing V+1+2 Jul 2015 Jimmy Buffet Pre-ICBDA, Jul 2015 Demo of Dance

Bring Me Sunshine III

Two Step/Jive


April 1998

Willie Nelson on All Time Greatest Hits, V-1

Car Wash Blues


III + 2

May 2001

Jim Croce on Greatest Hits Album

Demo of Dance

Chim Chiminey Vienesse Waltz V+1 October 2022 Chim-Chim Cheree - The Shelton Sisters Rumble's Fall RAR, Oct 2022 Demo of Dance
Conquest of Heaven Waltz VI May 2012 Allesandro Olivato, Prandi Sound ROQ, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Qtr 2013 Demo of Dance
Cuban Pete Samba Samba V + 1 December 2009 CD Dancelife - Track #17 Released at Worlock's New Year's Eve Event Demo of Dance

Cumparsita Argentina

Argentine Tango


July 2007

Viviana Guzman on Tango Live

ROQ 1st Qtr 2008

Demo of Dance

Dance in Portugal Mixed-Cha,Rumba, Argentine Tango IV + 1 May 2008 Les Baxter on Les Baxter's Best, Track #8   Demo of Dance
Don't Be That Way Foxtrot Foxtrot V+2 Aug 2017 Paola Fabris RAR 2017 Demo of Dance
Don't Bother Me Mosquito Mambo V Aug 2019 The Ultimate Latin Album #9 Released at Summer Weekend of Rounds Demo of Dance
Eso Es Tango, Mixed V+2 Dec 2018 Prandi Sound Tango Orchestra on Case Musica ROQ 2nd Runner Up, 3rd Qtr 2019 Demo of Dance
Felicia Tango Tango, Mixed V Aug 2022 Elisir Delle Danza, Tango Dancelife RAR 2022 Demo of Dance

Fiesta Madrilena

Paso Doble


July 2009

Prandi Sound, Latin Dream Alassio, Track #14 ROQ 2nd Runner up, 4th Qtr 2009

ICBDA 2009 Teach

Demo of Dance

Fine Brown Frame


IV + 2 + 1

July 2004

Lou Rawls on The Legendary Album


Demo of Dance

Fire Tango International Tango V+2 June 2014 Spanish Fire by Tony Evans & Orchestrassd Shibata's RoundUp Demo of Dance

Gimme a Reason



June 2010

The Rockin' Six (Casa Musica - Calor Latino)  

Demo of Dance

Go On By Quickstep



April 2005

Alma Coogan Internet download


Demo of Dance

Going Back to Louisiana Jive V+2 July 2019 CD:  Delbert McClinton, Classics, Vol.1, track 5 ICBDA 2019, Orlando Demo of Dance

How Little We Know



November 1996

Frank Sinatra on The Best of Album

ROQ 1997


I Dream of You Bolero V+2 August 2022 Carol Kidd RAR 2022 Demo of Dance

I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart

Two Step

II + 2

July 1997

LeAnn Rimes on Blue

Pam’s Polka!

I Want You Back Cha V+1+3 Dec 2011 Te Quiero De Neuvo - Rey Rosano on La Musica del Caribe 2 Released at Worlock's New Year's Eve event Demo of Dance
If I Didn't Have You VI Foxtrot VI August 2022 The Nanson Band RAR 2022 Demo of Dance
Jelly Roll Quickstep VI July 2011 Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer ICBDA 2011 Teach Demo of Dance

La Mer


IV + 2

August 1997

Kevin Kline on French Kiss Soundtrack



La Plaza Paso Doble VI July 2014 Gold Masters ICBDA 2014 Demo of Dance
Latin Love Story Rumba V + 1 August 2013 Prandi Sound - Instrumental Love Story RAR, Aug 2013 Demo of Dance

Let There Be


IV + 2

July 2002


ICBDA 2002

Demo of Dance

Love's Gone Rumba VI July 2021 Las Cosas Que Nunca Te Dije, Trk 5, “Now That The Love‘s Gone” by Juan Camus ICBDA 2021 Demo of Dance
Man Wanted Quickstep IV+2 May 2012 Nicola Dawn,
 Casa Musica
 Shibata Round Up 2012

Minnesota ROM, Nov/Dec 2012

Demo of Dance
Ole Guapa VI Intl Tango VI July 2013 The Ultimate Tango Collection - Tony Evans & Orchestra ICBDA 2013 Teach Demo of Dance
Ole Guapa Argentine Arg Tango VI July 2023 Tango International - Florindo Sassone y Su Orquesta ICBDA 2023 Teach Demo of Dance
Perfidia in Brazil Rumba V + 2 October 2009 Casa Musica Vol 27 –Brazil, Track #18, “Perfidia” by “John Altman” ICBDA Hall of Fame as of Jul 2014

#4 on ICBDA Top 15: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2017

#7 on ICBDA Top 15: 2018, 2019

ROQ, 2nd Qtr 2010


Demo of Dance

Plenty Of Love



August 2000

Linda Ronstadt on Frenisi

 URDC 2000, Standby

Demo of Dance

Santa Maria Argentine Tango VI October 2022 Gotan Project Rumble's Fall RAR, Oct 2022 Demo of Dance
Sea Wind Waltz VI May 2014 Stefano Nanni on Anocona Open Ballroom #9 Spring Accent Demo of Dance

Senza Fine


IV + 2

July 2004

Monica Mancini on Cinema Paradiso


Demo of Dance

Senza Fine VI



April 2005

Monica Mancini on Cinema Paradiso


Demo of Dance

She Bangs Cha V+0+1 Aug 2017 Tony Evans Dancebeat 3
- Latin Heat
RAR, Aug 2017 Demo of Dance

She Can’t Fix Grits


V + 2

July 2005

Shagtime on Everybody Dances Swing Series #1


Demo of Dance

She’s No Lady

West Coast


July 2006

Lyle Lovett Internet download

We had a ball with this!!

Demo of Dance

Six Blue Roses



August 2013

Hollywood Movie Strings from Glass Menagerie RAR, Aug 2013 Demo of Dance
Speaking of Happiness Foxtrot VI October 2013 Paola Fabris - Casa Musica Cherry Hill RAR, Oct 2013

ROQ 1st Runner up, 3rd Qtr 2014

Demo of Dance

Solo Bolero



Orig June 1996

Rerelease February 2000

Kenny G’s Alone on Breathless

Our First & Favorite

Demo of Dance

Tentacion Argentine Tango VI July 2017 Prandi Sound ICBDA 2017 Demo of Dance
The Colors of Autumn Waltz VI Dec 2018 Aldo Capricchioni from Casa Musica Worlock's NYE, 2018

ROQ - 3rd Qtr 2019
Demo of Dance
Trouble West Coast VI Aug 2017 Smokey Joe's Cafe RAR 2017
ROQ - 2nd Runner up, 4th Qtu 2018
Demo of Dance

Venetian Serenade

Waltz IV+2 August 2010 Prandi Sound 2nd Runner up ROQ, 1st QTR 2011 Demo of Dance


Argentine Tango


December 2010

Casa Musica - Best of Tango - Verano Porteno

ROQ, 3rd QTR 2011

Demo of Dance

Wait for Me Rumba VI July 2016 WRD Music World ICBDA 2016 Teach Demo of Dance
When I Dream VI Bolero VI July 2015 Carol Kidd ICBDA 2015 & Extra Teach at RAR 2015 Demo of Dance

When You Loved Me


IV + 2

July 1998

Linda Ronstadt on Frenisi


Whistling Away the Dark Waltz IV+2 July 2015 Andrea Spadaroi Pre-ICBDA, Jul 2015 Demo of Dance
You Haven't Seen the Last of Me Slow Two Step/Foxtrot V+2 Oct 2012 Cher - Burlesque Soundtrack Released at Autumn Spectacular, Oct 2012 Demo of Dance

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