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Season 2022/2023 is now history!  It's been a fabulous season! Make your plans for the Fall now!

Demos of all Dances Taught this season - Dance Demos

2022/2023 Season Critique is now available.  I will have them at all the final dance sessions or you can get it from this link.  We didn't make it on line fillable this year, that just seems to be too much trouble for the few that would use it.  Sooooo.....please pick one up at a dance or download, print, & fill out from here & hand it in or snail mail it to me.  Instructions are on the form.  We definitely use these results to plan for next season!!!           2022/23 Season Critique

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Pam's New Travel Blog - https://traveleverywherewithpamela.blogspot.com/

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At ICBDA #43 in Orlando, FL on Saturday, 13 Jul 2019, we were the honored recipients of the organization's Golden Torch Award.

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!   Golden Torch

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Upcoming Travels

George & I love to travel, both in our RV across the US (& sometimes even into Canada!!) and also Internationally.  We travel to dance & we travel just to sight see.  We like to have our friends & family travel with us as we think it is more enjoyable to share the experiences.  Gives us memories to share with friends!  Consequently, we do group travel trips when we can & we advertise them publically to encourage folks to travel with us.  Generally if we get compensation for setting up a group trip, we share the "wealth" with the group!  Here's some of the things we have planned & some things we're considering for the future!  Take a look & consider joining us!

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Washington DC sightseeing - July 2023 - right after ICBDA in Winston-Salem


Penning the Ponies - Group rendevous in Chincoteague, VA - July 2023 (planned by Ken & Sue Davis!!


Just started planning a Group Cruise in Mary 2025 from Malta to Spain - it's hitting lots of my bucket list stops - Sicily, Tunesia, Algeria, Morocco, Gibraltar!! It will start shortly after we teach at Cham in April 2025.  Specific dates are not available yet.  Fully refundable PreDeposits only right now. Contact me if you have any interest.  I'll be sending out invites this summer - after Jul 2023  www.oattravel.com/vts24  


We are currently planning a group adventure to Zimbabwe in April  2024.  With a private guide that we met when we were in Africa in 2014. - already full!!!


We are planning another group adventure!!!  We have a contract to teach in Cham again in April 2023!  Right after that, we'll fly to Trivana, Albania to start the trip!  Really hope to have 4 couples join us for a group trip exploring the Baltic states!  Please consider joining us!!! 

Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania
Group trip planned for after Cham, Germany, Apr/May 2023 

Here's the link:  https://www.oattravel.com/trips/land-adventures/europe/crossroads-of-the-adriatic-croatia-montenegrobosnia-

Here's a informational email on how to sign up & join us!!!!  Here's the Flyer-Download it now!!!!!


Dec 2022 - Rwanda: Mountain Gorillas in the Land of 1000 Hills - Akagera NP & Volcanoes NP with a post trip to the Serengeti in Tanzania  This trip has room for 3 others to join us - 10 of us in our group already. 



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