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At ICBDA #43 in Orlando, FL on Saturday, 13 Jul 2019, we were the honored recipients of the organization's Golden Torch Award.

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For many years, I (Pamela) have been making travelogues when we take our trips.  They started as emails & then I changed to Blogs.  Each of the travelogues have more pictures than words.  Without spending an extrodiant amount of time with editing, I have saved them.  In case you need something to put you to sleep at night or if you are planning a trip to somewhere we've been & want to have an idea about what you might find there, I am trying to get them all posted with a little explanation about each trip.

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  • Africa Again-SA - The first half of a month long trip back to Africa.  We went with Overseas Adventure Tours & I was trip leader for 2 separate groups.  4 couples went on both trips, while 4 different couples went on each of them. 
  • Africa Again-SS - The second half of the 35 night trip back to Africa.  This is the report on the adventures in Kenya & Tanzania (including Masai Mara & Serengeti)
  • African Safari - Trip to Southern Africa in December 2014 with OAT
  • Alaskan Dance Cruise - Week long cruise with Mark & Pam Prow in May 2011
  • Amazon Cruise - Viking Ocean cruise roundtrip from Puerto Rico into the Amazon
  • Amazon & Galapagos Adventure - OAT land & cruise tour - first after Covid disruption in Dec 2021
    Antarctic Adventure - A fabulous cruise to Antarctica with Marlyn & Michele and Rich & Georgianne in Dec 2019.  Pretrip for us to Bariloche & Post for all of us to Iguazu Falls.
  • April in Portugal - Uniworld cruise with 5 nights in Lisbon, then a week on the Douro River in northern Portugal, Apr 2012
  • Asian Extravaganza - Started at a dance in St Louis, MO & flew directly to Bangkok, Thailand.  Met up with fellow travelers & boarded the Diamond Princess for an Asian cruise.  It dropped us off in Bejing, China & we started an amazing 10 night land tour to visit some of the most sought after Chinese tourist attractions.  Apr/May 2010
  • Australia-New Zealand Adventure - The was our first major trip after we retired.  We planned it on our own & spent 67 days traveling all over Australia & New Zealand.   Really had never done a travelogue - just recently transferred the hand written journal into the computer & combined it with the pictures.  I was mostly using a camcorder & the movies are pretty much worthless, but I had taken some pictures with a really poor camera!  At least I now have a record of it!
  • British Adventure - 30 days in England, Scotland & Wales.  First we danced in Germany, then met Anderson's & Brown's in London to travel together in a 9 pax van.  George drove & I acted as the travel guide.  Ending with an International Round Dance in Scotland!  April/May 2009
  • Canadian Cruise - Cruise with Cruise Buddies from Boston to Montreal in Jun/Jul 2012
  • Cuba Revelations - Land tour with Grand Circle Foundation in Dec 2018 - from approximate center (Camaguey) to Northwest corner (Havana)
  • Death Valley at Thanksgiving - with Marlyn & Michele (copied from Blog page)
  • Dubai 2016 - Celebrity cruise from Dubai and on through the Suez Canal to Israel & on through the Mediterranean to Venice in April 2016
  • Eastern European Cruise - Uniworld cruise from Budapest to Bucharest in Apr 2015
  • Holiday Cruise - Caribbean cruise roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale - ending with New Year's Eve in Plant City with Worlocks' in Dec 2013
  • Iceland Cruise - Cruise Buddy adventure round trip from Copenhagen to Norway & across to Iceland in July 2016
  • Japanese Journey - Travel around Japan mostly by train with dance friends in May 2012
  • Mayan Mysteries - All inclusive vacation on the Mayan Riviera, Dec 2012
  • Mediterranean Dream - Holland American cruise with the Cruise Buddies from Venice to Rome through the Greek Island in Jul/Aug 2014
  • Partial Panama Cruise - Princess Cruise from Miami roundtrip through the Caribbean & halfway through the Panama Canal in Dec 2011
  • Patagonian Glacier Tour - OAT tour from Buenos Aires down to the Cape & back up to Santiago & across to Easter Island in Dec 2016
  • Peru & Ecuador Excursion - OAT tour from Machu Pichu to Galapagos in Dec 2015
  • Polynesian Cruise - Danced in Australia & on the way home, we stopped in Tahiti to board a clipper ship & cruise the Polynesian Islands in Sep 2009
  • Russian Rendezvous - OAT cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg with a pre-trip week in Kiev in Sep 2011
  • Scandinavian Adventure - a Triple header adventure - 1) 2 weeks in Sweden teaching 2) Star Princess Baltic Cruise Roundtrip Copenhagen with Cruise Buddies 3) Royal Caribbean cruise round trip Copenhagen on the Norwegian western coast in Jul/Aug 2010
  • Singapore Sensation Cruise - a fabulous cruise starting with 2 nights in Singapore, stopping in Phuket, Thailand; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Kochi, Goa, & Mumbai, India; Muscat, Oman; Dubai, UAE; & ending with 2 nights in Abu Dhabi, UAE in April 2019
  • Swedish Sojourn - 2 weeks of teaching & 2 weeks of Swedish sightseeing with Swedish friends, Jul/Aug 2018


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