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All the teachers in Mesa have gotten approval for starting the Fall 2021 Season!!  We have the Schedule available above!!
Due to Covid, there have been quite a few schedule changes so make sure to look closely at the brochure above.

In particular - all of our sessions & the sessions with Bill & Carol Goss will require proof of Covid vaccination to participate.  Here is the complete list of our Covid Protocols -  Covid Protocol letter  & a Flyer about the first dance!!!

Demos of all Dances Taught this season - Dance Demos

and demos from previous years http://www.dancerounds.info/pages/videos.htm

 New!!   Pictorial Directory of Mesa Dancers (as of Feb 2020)

This is the new 2019/20 Critique form!  Download, fill out & return to us.  If you want to fill it out on line & send it via email, use the green button!  Please do one or the other so we will know what to plan for next season!!  We depend on your inputs!   Left last year's with tallied totals available too.

     2019-20 Critique Form      2019-20 Critique Form Fillable  2018-19 Critique Form Totals

Pam's New Travel Blog - https://traveleverywherewithpamela.blogspot.com/

Be sure to refresh your browser if the current information is not showing! 

At ICBDA #43 in Orlando, FL on Saturday, 13 Jul 2019, we were the honored recipients of the organization's Golden Torch Award.

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!   Golden Torch

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Upcoming Travels

George & I love to travel, both in our RV across the US (& sometimes even into Canada!!) and also Internationally.  We travel to dance & we travel just to sight see.  We like to have our friends & family travel with us as we think it is more enjoyable to share the experiences.  Gives us memories to share with friends!  Consequently, we do group travel trips when we can & we advertise them publically to encourage folks to travel with us.  Generally if we get compensation for setting up a group trip, we share the "wealth" with the group!  Here's some of the things we have planned & some things we're considering for the future!  Take a look & consider joining us!

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as of June 2021 - Still in Mesa.  Tentatively planning to head to Texas in mid May.  Hoping for ICBDA in Kingsport, TN. We'll take the RV up there & visit a couple of the nearby National Parks, on up to see the Upper Pennisula of Michigan & then on to Prophetstown State Park for RoundARama.  Since the Sweden event was canceled, we'll spend the summer traveling in the RV.  Currently hoping to visit Colorado in the RV & fly to Seattle from there in August.  Here's our Summer Calendar!


We are planning another group adventure!!!  We have a contract to teach in Cham again in April 2023!  Right after that, we'll fly to Trivana, Albania to start the trip!  Really hope to have 4 couples join us for a group trip exploring the Baltic states!  Please consider joining us!!! 

Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania
Group trip planned for after Cham, Germany, Apr/May 2023 

Here's the link:  https://www.oattravel.com/trips/land-adventures/europe/crossroads-of-the-adriatic-croatia-montenegrobosnia-

Here's a informational email on how to sign up & join us!!!!  Here's the Flyer-Download it now!!!!!


Dec 2021 - Rwanda: Mountain Gorillas in the Land of 1000 Hills - Akagera NP & Volcanoes NP with a post trip to the Serengeti in Tanzania  This trip is full - 8 of us in our group & 3 others.



Apr 17 - 5 May, 2022 - Celebrity Eclipse cruise from Melbourne, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii.  With additional stops in Austraiia, New Zealand, Polynesian Islands, & Hawaii.  Decided to make it an informal group, so please book through Bobbye Haupt,T:(800) 944-2628 T:(302) 737-2312 F:(302) 737-2617 E:bhaupt@cruiseone.comWe are always happy to have friends travel with us!  Here's the cruise -



Hi Guys - for anyone looking for us in summer 2020 - we've moved up to the White Mountains of Arizona - Pinetop.  Bought a new/used RV (pictures when we get to to it!) & spending our summer moving into it & getting organized.  Hoping things will settle down & we can start dancing & traveling again.  Until then, we're just hiding out up here & practicing social distancing!



Mar 31 - Apr 25, 2020 - An awesome mix of Madrid, visit w/friends on Tenerife (Canary Islands), working at Cham, Germany, and a week in Baku, Ajerbaijan! CANX due to Corona Viru


 Apr 26 - May 17, 2020 - Turkey's Magical Hideaways   Read about it at https://www.oattravel.com/tmh2020 We plan to go after we do Cham!  Let me know if you are interested!  Here's the flyer with more details.  Have 8 signed up so far.  Need 10 to confirm a private group for us & 14 max. CANX due to Corona Virus


June 2020 - Back to Texas to visit family!  CANX due to Corona Virus


July 2020 - after ICBDA in Reno - head north to Glacier National Park  CANX due to Corona Virus


Dec 19, 2020 - 3 Jan 2021 - Rwanda/Uganda/Kenya to see the Gorillas/Chimpanzee's/Safari!  with National Geographic - Trip is filled!  Very Excited!!!  https://www.gadventures.com/trips/east-africa-gorilla-and-safari-experience/DRKNG/ CANX due to Corona Virus


Apr 3 - 15, 2021 - Sea Princess cruise from Brisbane, Australia to Sydney, Australia.  With stops in Papua New Guinea and the Soloman Islands.  CANX due to Corona Virus ________________________________________________


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