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Pam's new Patriotic
 4th of July Slideshow of friends, family & US scenery

Pam's Patriotic
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pictures I've taken!!


Photo book of Our first 10 years

Pool Cousin's Reunion Photo sharing

Photo book of our Great Britain Vacation

Photo Book of our French Polynesian Clipper Ship cruise and Island visit

Our Asian Cruise/China Land Tour vacation

Photo Book of Caribbean Holiday 2010

Photo Book of Russian Rendezvous, Sep 2011

Photo Book of Scandinavian Adventure, July/Aug 2010

Photo Book of Partial Panama Cruise, Dec 2011

Photo Book of Mayan Vacation, Dec 2012

Photo Book of Canadian Cruise, Jul 2012

We are always getting questions about our past, etc.  Here's a little info for the curious!  Click here   to read some history and look at some pictures.  I submitted this info to the Australian RDAV Newsletter.




Mailing Address:
George & Pamela Hurd
2021 N. Caribou Rd.
Gilmer, TX  75644

  I have been using this and LOVE IT!!!  Don't know how it works, but have enjoyed the money I am getting back from online purchases!!!


Well Hello There! Thanks for visiting our Site. We are George & Pamela Hurd. George & I retired in Anchorage, Alaska in 1998 and are now traveling full time. We live in a 45’ Monaco Executive RV with 4 slides and are following the best dancing and/or the best weather. We love this life style and will continue for the foreseeable future. We love to make friends, but we have found that it’s really hard leaving them. Since we will be on the road all the time, we decided to use a Web Site to share the exciting places and people we find while we travel. We will update our page at least monthly, reviewing what we’ve done and listing our future plans. As we dance around the US (and the world), we’ll provide an update of dances we learn and report on festivals that we attend and our own upcoming events. 

Read all about us on our downloadable brochure!

Come back again soon! 


Smile!  It's already the end of the 2014/15 Season!!!  Come say Farewell for the summer to all your Mesa Dancing Friends!  Come to our FAREWELL DANCE, Sunday, 29 March, 7pm at Leisure World Rec Center #2!!  Click here for the flyer! 

Do you need a little extra help remembering some of the dances?  We've set up a new program with the help of David Sanford (& Toni's video taping!).  Read this flyer for more info: Hurd's Instructional Video Library.  And here's the link to the new website:       


Hurd's 2014-15 End of year Critique!!  Download the form here!

Hurd's 2013-14 End of Year Critique Results!  Favorite for this year was a 3 way tie - Six Blue Roses, Razzle Dazzle & Where or When!



Choreographed Ballroom Dance Survey Results!  Finally compiled the results.  Here's what I found out!  Click here to download the pdf compilation of data.


Check out this crazy tango (new version in Burnet, TX (Oct 2013) that Mark & I did for an after party skit!! 


Upcoming Travel Plans


We just deposited on a trip from Dubai to Venice for April 2016!  We'll spend a couple of extra days before in Dubai!  It's a regular Royal Caribbean Cruise.  Interested?  Ask me about more info!

We've booked a trip to Galapagos & Machu Pichu for Dec 2015.  We filled the 5 cabins they gave us & now they've given us another one - so have 1 cabin left!  Here's the link to read about it -

And just because we can't let any grass grow under our feet!  How about Budapest to Bucharest!  We've paid in full for this trip! A fabulous river cruise with Uniworld in April 2015!!!!  Here's the link!!  And here's a flyer!  Come join us!

Africa!!!  Finally!  Set up an exclusive African Safari with OAT for Dec 12 - Jan 2, 2014!!!  Only 16 people!  We've filled it and can't wait to go!!!!  Read all about it and drool!!!!  It was AWESOME - here's the travelogue!!!!

Had an awesome Mediterranean Cruise this past July/August!  Had no idea that cicadas could be soooooo noisy!  The Greek Isles are gorgeous, but certainly not what I expected!  Definitely not the Caribbean!  Here's the link to our travelogue about the experience!

Really enjoyed our 14 night Caribbean Holiday Cruise!  Enjoyed lots of fun excursions - lots of snorkeling & sailing!  Finished the travelogue!  Here's the link!

Back home from Portugal!  It was a fabulous trip!  Here's my Travelogue about it!

Looking for more special places to go!!

Just found this fun travel game to help us choose!!!  WARNING!!  It's addictive!!!


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  • Where to next????  And When???  Looking for suggestions!!

Posted a Photo book for our fun visit to the Mayan Riviera!Click here to look at it!!!

Posted a Photo Book for our Canadian Cruise last year!!!

Just posted my Japanese Travelogue!  Check it out if you'd like!!!

Finally finished the Photo book for the Partial Panama Cruise in Dec 2011

Where should we go next?  India??  Amazon???  Greek Isles???  Portugal??

Mesa Information         

2015 Night Out is all Done!!

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!
 Watch for decision on next Season!!





Carousel Favorite Dances

Check out this link to get the current Favorite Dances reported to Carousel's this month!!

Please help me get our favorites counted by either voting here on my website or voting at the sessions you attend!!

Check out this link to see who's taught what this month!

Read all about ICBDA Convention #33 in Joplin, Missouri!!!



Look at our schedule, the current weather, pick up the full schedule for Rounds & Squares, see what we've been teaching, check out places to stay, get other Mesa information and get info on where to stay. 

Photo Album

Future Engagements

Check out a few of my favorite current pictures.  If you'd like to look at all my pictures, check out my Shutterfly site. We've got some really cool festivals coming up.  Get signed up now!!!

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